Selling Rocks for Rocksy

Upcoming Events
Armpit Wax Challenge!
Mon, Aug 03
Earthly Realms
Aug 03, 7:00 PM – Aug 04, 7:00 PM
Earthly Realms
Help Lex and Rocksy raise $800 during their event, and Lex's Dad will wax his armpit!
Ice Pants Challenge!
Thu, Jul 23
Earthly Realms
Jul 23, 7:00 PM CDT – Jul 24, 6:40 PM CDT
Earthly Realms
Help me raise money for my Rescue dog, Rocksy, and my Dad will do the Ice Pants Challenge!


Lex is 10 years old and has been tumbling rocks since December of 2017. He enjoys rock collecting and the process of rock tumbling, which takes 4-6 weeks to complete.
Lex rescued a beagle on August 22, 2018 from an Amish farm. He found out that she has a broken heart so his rock sales go towards growing his business to take care of Rocksy’s vet care.
Rocksy is on 3 medicines, twice daily, and needs routine vet visits to monitor her heart condition.
Lex has a HUGE goal to raise $25,000 to go overseas for a surgery that would fix his dog's heart.
Lex continues to fundraise for his beagle and hopes one day to have the money to pay for her heart surgery.



A New Heart for Rocksy

This is Rocksy. She is Lex's rescue Beagle, and she is the reason he sells his rocks.

Rocksy has Mitral Valve Disease, and is in need of heart surgery. The issue? It can only be done overseas, and costs around $25,000. Lex is doing everything he can to raise this money for Rocksy.

He not only sells his rocks through this website, he has a GoFundMe, and he also sells on his Facebook page, his Etsy shop, and his eBay store.

You can follow Lex and Rocksy through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Lex, and Rocksy, thank you for visiting, and helping them reach their goal.





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