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It’s with a very heavy heart I post this update.  This past Sunday morning (July 3, 2022) Rocksy crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Rocksy was surrounded by so much love and Lex never left her side.  Lex is heartbroken but knows Rocksy is no longer in pain.  They made so many memories together and Lex gave her the best life filled with lots of love.  Lex plans to keep Rocksy’s memory alive by helping other animals by continuing to sell his rocks and crystals.  Lex said he wishes he could help all the rescue dogs.  It’s an honor to be Lex’s Dad, he truly is such an amazing kid with the biggest heart.  Lex found a dog that nobody wanted and showed her unconditional love and dedication.  As the tears swell back up typing this I know Lex will grow up to be such a kind, caring, and giving man one day.  Over the next couple of weeks there will be some changes to Lex’s pages as we help Lex find a way to honor Rocksy.  💚💚💚

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Lex is 10 years old and has been tumbling rocks since December of 2017. He enjoys rock collecting and the process of rock tumbling, which takes 4-6 weeks to complete.
Lex rescued a beagle on August 22, 2018 from an Amish farm. He found out that she has a broken heart so his rock sales go towards growing his business to take care of Rocksy’s vet care.
Rocksy is on 3 medicines, twice daily, and needs routine vet visits to monitor her heart condition.
Lex has a HUGE goal to raise $25,000 to go overseas for a surgery that would fix his dog's heart.
Lex continues to fundraise for his beagle and hopes one day to have the money to pay for her heart surgery.

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A New Heart for Rocksy

This is Rocksy. She is Lex's rescue Beagle, and she is the reason he sells his rocks.

Rocksy has Mitral Valve Disease, and is in need of heart surgery. The issue? It can only be done overseas, and costs around $25,000. Lex is doing everything he can to raise this money for Rocksy.

He not only sells his rocks through this website, and he also sells on his Facebook page, his Etsy shop, and his eBay store. Lex, also, has an Amazon Wishlist​ for his business and Rocksy.

You can follow Lex and Rocksy through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Lex, and Rocksy, thank you for visiting, and helping them reach their goal.

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After the last Veterinary Visit-Sept. 26, 2020

When Lex rescued Rosky over 2 years ago we had o idea of her history or medical needs, it was just a little boy and a skinny, lonely, Beagle that needed each other. It's my belief they were meant to find each other and to become best friends. 
This past week has been heartbreaking for Lex and our family. Lex's mission over the past 2 years has been to raise the funds to fix Rocksy's "broken heart". Unfortunately, Rocksy has a new battle to fight, she has been diagnosed with Mammary Cancer. Rocksy has masses in almost all of her Mammary Glands. It's the opinion of multiple veterinarians that Rocksy would not survive the surgery to remove the masses due to her severe heart condition. Rocksy will be closely monitored with frequent routine ultrasounds and vet visits.
Lex loves Rocksy so much and feels so bad that he couldn't meet his goal to save her life. Rocksy will still need lots of care, medications, vet visits, special diet dog food, and more. It's still, however, Lex's goal to give her, in his words, a "Super Life."
We have no idea how long she had, but if Rocksy has shown us anything it's not to count her out. She's lived longer than anyone thought she would with her heart issue.
Our family is exploring every option we can to prolong Rocksy's  life and give her the best care. With future medical needs and vet bills being an unknown Lex hugged Rocksy the other night and promised to work even harder for her.
Lex will soon be turning 11 years old in November and if you've ever met him you know he had the biggest heart, that he's humble, and never asks for anything. All of his hard work and the money he earns, he uses it to take care of his dog.
I ask that you continue to share Lex and Rocksy's story and support them because they are going to NEED it. Lex and our family will continue to post updates about her condition.
I was very emotional while typing this message and I thank you for reading it.
Lex's PR Guy, Dad, and BIGGEST FAN-Andrew

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